useITsmartly webinar


Here you can listen to the useITsmartly webinar that was held in January 2016.


The webinar started with an introduction of all participants, an overview of the project aims, an video-feedback input by a group of IT-peers and then led to a discussion of a set of questions communicated beforehand. Ways to successfully engage with young people showed to be the topic that interested most participants.








useITsmartly theatre play


This play is a production from the Norwegian artist #pondering_noodle in cooperation with the Norwegian team of useITsmartly.








Video from IT-peers


Here is a video from two IT-peers from Austria who prepared the video as a contribution to the webinar that took place on the 28th of January








Here comes the announcement to our webinar








Survey! Umfrage! Meningspeiling! Spørgeskemaet! Spørreundersøkelse!


Take part in our survey on smart energy use!



Here you have the chance to take part in our survey about smart energy use.

There are different surveys for all languages from countries participating in the project useITsmartly. Within the partner countries interesting prices are being raffled amongst all participants of the survey!




Germany and Austria:

Price: one ShiftPhone within Germany, one within Austria




Price: smartphone and cinema tickets



The Netherlands:

Price: JBL Bluetooth speakers




Price: GoPro Camera


Or you can also answer the questionnaire in English:













The Story of Electronics




Make your own solar charger!


In this video UngEnergi is demonstrating how you can make your own charger for your mobile phone or other devices with solar cells:





Videos from the second Expert Workshop in Eindhoven (2014)

















Expert Videos on how to save Energy from the first Expert Workshop in Eindhoven (2014)





































How to save energy!

Nice video on energy saving at home and beyond provided by the European Commission on Youtube:







How much power is used through our internet use?


Find out some more info about it in a youtube video by Francis Arts provided on "pcmaniafuls" Youtube channel: 









How can we use technologies more energy-efficient? What can we do to make our living ‘greener’?


Our goal is to communicate with and through youths about creative new concepts of smart IT use. ‘useITsmartly’ is a current project funded by IEE (‘Intelligent Energy - Europe’) aiming at capacity building towards behavioural changes in the way youths use technology.


Join us in establishing an international community of young people enthusiastic about raising awareness of energy-efficient technology use in everyday life.


We are looking for innovative solutions facilitating and encouraging energy-efficient IT practices among youths. Let’s knit our individual ideas and initiatives together to a bigger vision of a more energy-efficient and sustainable way of living.


How can we learn from each other?


We develop and implement IT-peer education in all partner countries of this project. Through innovative prototypes and solutions of energy-efficient technologies we will be able to visualise aspects of sustainable energy consumption. 


What can be learned from this exchange process?


The output of ‘useITsmartly’ is a toolbox for relevant stakeholders in the area of energy behaviour changing programmes focusing on green IT and young people.


Share your ideas, comments, visions on how IT can be used smartly on Facebook and Instagram! Also, find us on Twitter!







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